How do we advocate for change in literacy?

Jun 21, 2022 2:18:00 PM
How do we advocate for change in literacy?

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In our recent podcast episode with Kareem Weaver, co-founder of FULCRUM Oakland: Full and Complete Reading is a Universal Mandate, he discusses the literacy change he is fighting for the elements he believes are necessary to make it happen. His passion and devotion to this work shines through and is truly inspiring. 

We hope that this episode inspires you to be a lever for literacy change in your classroom, school, and community. 

 We are so glad you are here to learn with us! 💙

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Parents for Reading Justice 

Parents For Reading Justice - Premiere Zoom Panel - 5.18.2022

Let's Not Make Phonics Political - Again

  • In our episode, Kareem warns us not to make literacy a political issue.
  • A recent New York Times article threatens to revive the unfound claim that teaching kids to sound out words is a right-wing plot.
  • Read this article, titled Let’s Not Make Phonics Political - Again, by Natalie Wexler for more information. 


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