All About Melissa and Lori!

Jun 10, 2022 2:51:00 PM
All About Melissa and Lori!

Hi Literacy Lovers,

We’re taking a full podcast to share more about US… sharing how our undergrad and graduate coursework didn’t prepare us to teach students to read, a bit about our teaching and leadership experiences, and of course, why we started the podcast! Bonus content: We ask and answer Five Things We Love (love to read, watch, listen, remember, reflect), and play Two Truths and a Lie. We’re so glad you’re here to learn with us. 

Learn More

To learn more about Melissa and Lori, check out this fun article all about them and their podcast journey by Voyage Baltimore Magazine.

Community and Connection

Join us for Friday Podcast Chat on Facebook Live every Friday where we share helpful background knowledge about our just released episodes. This past Friday, we discussed our summer reading lists! 

Lori plans to read Diane McGuinness’s book, Why Our Children Can’t Read and What We Can Do About It. She’s joined a book club through the Facebook Group Science of Reading: What I Should Have Learned in College. Book Club Meeting Dates: June 20 & 27; July 11 & 18 at 7:00pm EST. 

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Listen to some our favorite early episodes including our FIRST one recorded in Melissa’s basement!

We’re super excited to announce that everything you love about the Melissa & Lori Love Literacy podcast just got exponentially better, we’re joining the Great Minds family! The best part is that the topics stay the same: reading science, knowledge building, and HQC. We’ll bring increased collaboration with educators and thought leaders with our new GM family.

Over 100 Episodes

Melissa & Lori have over 100 podcast episodes available now on your favorite streaming service. Listen now as they discuss new ways to think about teaching reading and writing with educators and experts in the field.