What evidence-based strategies help our youngest students learn to read?

July 12, 2022
What evidence-based strategies help our youngest students learn to read?

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In this week's episode, we talk to Kristin Poppens and her teammates, including her school's speech language pathologist! This powerhouse Kindergarten team from Iowa shares so many gems, like their use of sound walls and rime mats.

 From the episode, this idea resonates with us: go slow to go fast. The team shares their approach to making instructional tweaks that lead to big gains for students. We love how these teachers validate students' knowledge and build on strengths. 

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Rime Mat

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Watch Kristin Using a Sound Wall

  • If you've been curious about sound walls, watch this video! Kristin Poppens, Kindergarten teacher, teaches a whole group review lesson on vowel sounds using a sound wall.

Mentioned on the Podcast

A list of all of the amazing resources mentioned in this week's episode! 

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Onset/Rime Practice 

One of my favorite resources mentioned in the podcast are rime mats! I love imagining students using the mats during center time to practice the skills they've learned. If you're considering using rime mats in your classroom, check out this resource from Reading Rockets (be sure to scroll down for printable activities from the Florida Center for Reading Research). 


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Watch Another Sound Wall Lesson! 

Are you still as curious about sound walls as I am? Watch this video: Sound Wall Lesson Example to see another example of sound wall in action! One of my favorite guests, second grade teacher, Lindsay Kemeny (episode 80), masterfully uses a sound wall during a lesson teaching about the phoneme /n/. 

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