How Can Leaders Value and Support Teachers Through Changes in Curriculum?

Apr 22, 2022 2:56:00 PM

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In our recent episode titled From Workshop Model to Reading Science in Pentucket, we hear from two tuned-in leaders, Brent Conway and Jen Hogan. Pentucket recently transitioned from balanced literacy programs to teaching and learning with structured literacy and reading science. Brent and Jen discuss how HQIM values teacher expertise, how they provide support as leaders, and how they primed educators  for this big transition. We’re so glad you’re here to learn with us. 

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Wondering about what high quality assessments entail? Check out Wit & Wisdom ELA grade 3 End of Module (Module 1) Task below. We’ve included a student work sample response to this task, too! 

Assessment 31: End-of-Module Task

Purpose: This task will allow you to explain what you have learned from the texts read during the module as you answer the Essential Question of why people explore the sea. You will explain your thinking in a two-paragraph explanatory essay.

Introduction: The various texts that we have studies show why different people, such as authors, artists, and scientists, explore the sea. Choose one text from the list below to help you explain why people explore the sea.

Your task: For an audience who has read and studied these texts the way you have, write two paragraphs in which you explain why an author, artist, or scientist explored the sea. Develop your explanation with evidence from one of the texts.

Texts: Use information from 9 texts studied deeply throughout this module, including poems, videos, informational texts, and more.

Writing Sample

There is a lot of cool information about sharks! A great white shark is one of the most deadliest sharks. A great white shark has 300 teeth. Also the shark is most likely to attack humans. A tiger shark is another of the most deadliest sharks around. A tiger shark’s teeth can bite through a turtle’s shell. In fact a tiger shark will eat anything. A bull shark is also one of the deadliest sharks. A bull shark bumps into its prey and then takes a big bite. This shark can swim in rivers and lakes. There are many other sharks that are very interesting. Moreover, sharks are very important because they all are unique and special.  

There are lots of ways to learn information about sharks. One way scientists and swimmers learn information about sharks are shark cages. There are strong metal bars so the shark won’t get you. Floats are at the top so the cage does not sink. Also scientists tag sharks so they can learn more about them. Tagging sharks tells scientists the shark’s size, swimming speed, and movements. Another way scientists learn about sharks is by diving with them. One way divers can stay safe from sharks is to use chain suits. A chain suit is made of steel rings. This suit protects divers from shark attacks. There are many more ways to learn about sharks. 

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