How can we all support our youngest learners on their learning to read journey?

Feb 18, 2022 2:52:00 PM

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Faith BorkowskyIn last week’s podcast episode, we talked with Faith Borkowsky, author, advocate, and founder of High Five Literacy and Academic Coaching. She explains why she wrote “If only I would have known…,” an easy to access book about a concerned parent discussing her child’s reading difficulties with a pediatrician, preschool teacher, and librarian. Faith also gives practical advice about how to systematically teach reading (be sure to listen all the way to end!). We can’t wait to have Faith join us again soon to dive into another book she authored, titled Failing Students or Failing Schools? We’re so glad you’re here to learn with us. 

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Download the "If Only" Book Discussion Guide and this FREE Literacy Discussions Workbook, a tool for raising awareness and community action. It’s located on Faith’s If Only Books website under the Free Resources tab. 


We mentioned our friend, Nora Chabazi, the founder of EBLI, Evidence Based Reading Instruction. EBLI developed apps that are science of reading approved! The apps combine important cognitive research on how students learn to read with innovative activities. Coming in at $4.99 (for individual purchase, or less for class/school purchase), this app is super affordable. Elliot, Melissa’s three year old, can’t get enough. 

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Check out our Instagram post Tips for Parents of Struggling Readers. We share what to read, watch, and ask as you navigate important conversations. 


Faith recently posted on Instagram in response to a mom who was told by her school district that her kids needed vision therapy instead of evidence-based instruction. And, check out this Twitter thread Faith retweeted! As Faith says, the problem with theses lists is that: “The responsibility shifts to parents to drill these words. That’s not teaching. It’s an expectation that kids should just know them. They are also getting the wrong message that reading is a memorization task.” 

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