How do we select High Quality Instructional Materials?

Mar 25, 2021 1:05:00 PM
How do we select High Quality Instructional Materials?

Hi Literacy Lovers, 

We hear from educators everywhere who want to learn more about how to best approach the curricular adoption process. During the process in schools and districts, we see lots of teachers posting on social media seeking feedback from other teachers about programs. This is a timely topic… as spring has sprung and it’s curricular adoption season! Grab your highlighters, sticky notes, glitter pens, and gilded journals. Let’s talk High Quality Instructional Materials (HQIM)

In our episode with, we discussed how EdReports evaluates curricula… and even more importantly, why all greens are not equal! It’s important to dig deeply into each program report for a thorough understanding. Click on each Gateway and then within each for Criterion and Indicators, for a comprehensive rating report. 

  • Gateway 1: Text Quality and Complexity and Alignment to Standards Components 

  • Gateway 2: Building Knowledge with Texts, Vocabulary, and Tasks

  • Gateway 3: Usability 

This resource, Selecting for Quality: 6 Key Adoption Steps, is a helpful one for educators in the process of evaluating curricular materials. 

We also want to elevate a recent episode, Ep. 95: Discussing the Shift to New Literacy Curriculum with Two District Leaders. It features a facilitated conversation with two district leaders, one moving towards a new ELA curriculum and one who has already done so. 

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