Question: How Can Teachers Help All Students Access Complex Texts and Tasks?

Nov 22, 2021 2:53:00 PM
Question: How Can Teachers Help All Students Access Complex Texts and Tasks?

Hi Literacy Lovers,

When we first were introduced to Wit & Wisdom ELA, we had so many questions! We wondered if students would be able to read the difficult texts. We wondered if students would struggle to complete the tasks. We had doubts and fears about ourselves as educators and our students as learners. 

But then we started to ask the real questions: How are we holding our students back? How can we help them do this work? We chose to believe they could do it and trusted the process. We’re so glad we did… and we’re so glad you’re here to learn with us. 

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In our most recent podcast episode, “Special Educator Discusses High Quality Instructional Materials in the Special Education Classroom,” we talk with special educator Katie Overstreet, who responded to a social media post with unwavering belief in her students and a can-do attitude. Her response stood out to us due to the tangible ways she removes barriers for her students and her use of scaffolding techniques to support access to rigorous texts and tasks. 

THIS WEEK’S BONUS EPISODE: “The Truth About Reading Documentary Team - BACK AGAIN!”

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This week we are bringing you a Bonus Episode with The Truth About Reading documentary team! You may remember them from Episode 65! In our Bonus Episode, the team shares an update about the documentary and where they’ve been since we last connected. 

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If you haven’t watched the teaser for the documentary, stop everything you’re doing and watch it now: The Truth About Reading Teaser! (Or watch when you are done teaching children) 

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You might be feeling generous on this Giving Tuesday! If so, check out The Truth About Reading documentary’s website to make a donation. The team talks on our podcast about why it is so important that this documentary is funded through donations and not big funders! 

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Another way you can donate is by purchasing some Truth About Reading swag! All proceeds go to the John Corcoran Foundation, which will go directly to the funding of the documentary! 

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