Question: Why are Standards Not Enough?

Oct 15, 2021 11:21:00 AM
Question: Why are Standards Not Enough?

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We read Beyond Standards: The Fragmentation of Education Governance and the Promise of Curriculum Reform. Author and professor, Dr. Morgan Polikoff, provides insights to why educational infrastructure has a rocky history and what we can do to fix it. His book provides insight into the system that educators walk into every day. We think you will find it interesting to learn about the impact of education laws and regulations over the years. We’re so glad you’re here to learn with us! 

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We discuss Polikoff’s book, Beyond Standards in our most recent podcast episode. In the book, he shares how the standards movement impacts current classroom practice. Believe it or not, the goal of the standards movement was consistency: “consistency in instruction across classrooms, across grades, across schools and districts. Consistency that ensures that all students receive instruction that is high quality.” We believe that high quality instruction starts with high quality materials. 

BONUS: Listen to the end of the podcast for a promo code for 20% off Polikoff’s book. 

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Check out this article about background knowledge from Reading Rockets. The authors give concrete ways to build background knowledge in the section: How to Build Background Knowledge. Some ideas include: encourage topic-focused wide reading, embrace multimedia, and use analogies. We can’t resist also sharing this oldie but a goodie: How Knowledge Helps by Daniel Willingham

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Try using podcasts, documentaries, or other media sources to bolster students’ background knowledge. Try these practical ideas from Achieve the Core’s “Press Play” blog post!

Have you used multimedia sources to build students’ background knowledge? Share your experiences with us at

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