Where Can I Learn More About the Science of Reading?

Jul 5, 2022 6:44:00 AM
Donna Hejtmanek

Hi Literacy Lovers,

In this week's episode, we talk to Donna Hejtmanek. Three years ago, she started a Facebook Group: Science of Reading: What I Should Have Learned in College. Like us, she was frustrated by all of the time and money spent in teacher preparation programs that did not prepare her to teach students how to read!

If you join the SOR: WISHLIC Facebook group, you'll see us often sharing ideas and looking for questions or topics to discuss on the podcast. With over 160K members, it is a great place to ask questions and learn more! 

 We are so glad you are here to learn with us! 💙
Donna Hejtmanek

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Helping Parents Learn about Science of Reading

  • Donna recently made this fabulous resource: How the Brain Learns to Read for Parents. We recommend checking it out for easy, accessible resources to share at Back to School night next school year, including the fabulous Purple Crayon video linked below! Or for your own learning! 



Mentioned on the Podcast

A list of all of the amazing resources mentioned in this week's episode! 

Lori Recommends


Speech to Print Exploration 

I've been exploring the world of Speech to Print through using the Phono-Graphix method with a kiddo that I tutor. I was really excited to see other people learning more about this method in a new Facebook Group: Speech to Print Exploration. Join me there if you want to learn more! 


Ep. 102: Heidi Jane Drops Knowledge on Heart Words and So Much More 

Speaking of learning with others on social media, if you aren't following Droppin' Knowledge with Heidi on Instagram, you should be! Listen to this episode to hear how knowledgable she is about Science of Reading! I've learned SO MUCH from her and her amazing videos!  


Melissa Recommends


"When Older Students Can't Read" 

I came across this article in the SOR: WISHLIC Group. It immediately caught my eye when I saw ideas to help older struggling readers! Plus, it's by Louisa Moats! In this article, she gives context for what students need and and concrete methods for remediating foundational skills for older students and continuing to work on comprehension and writing. Worth the read no matter what age you work with!

Episode 75: How Do Language Variants Impact Teaching Reading to African American Students

In this episode, we talk to Mitchell Brookins about an article that we found on the SOR: WISHLIC group. Mitchell is also a moderator on the FB group, and every time I start to answer someone's question, he has already answered it (with a much better answer than I would have had!). He's someone to look out for and keep learning with!


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