The Science of Reading in Canada

May 27, 2022 1:07:00 PM
The Science of Reading in Canada

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In our recent podcast episode, Kim Lockhart, French immersion and special educator from Kingston, Ontario, shares how she meets the needs of students in her classroom. As stated in a recent report, The Right to Read Ontario Inquiry Report, Ontario is removing the three cueing system completely from all materials and turning to reading science instead. Listen to this episode to learn more about what is happening in Ontario after the release of this report, and what Kim is doing in her own classroom. We’re so glad you’re here to learn with us! 

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Click here to access Kim’s early reader BOOKMARKS for students and families! 


Literacy and Equity in the 21st Century

To learn what’s happening a bit closer to home, check out this recording from the University of Maryland’s College of Education recent live event.

Community and Connection

Connect with Kim on Twitter @MmeLockhartLDSB. Check out how Kim builds her science of reading knowledge with books, articles, and resources on this Twitter thread

And, if you’d like to share resources and support for parents of students in French as a Second Language Program, Kim recommends joining this private Facebook group

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