What About Spelling?

March 4, 2022
What About Spelling?

Hi Literacy Lovers,

In our recent podcast episode, we focus on spelling! Spelling guru J. Richard Gentry asserts that, “No one is born with reading circuitry in their brain. Spelling is at the foundation of reading architecture in the brain.” In the book he co-authored titled Brain Words, Richard shares that “without accurate word reading and a connection between stored words and children’s oral speech and language system, there can be no fluency or comprehension, because both are very much based on successful word reading.” Spelling has a BIG IMPACT on children’s oral speech and language system. 

Listen as we model the 5 Step Spelling Process 

  1. Hear the word in a sentence (sound and meaning) 

  2. Say the word (phonological awareness)

  3. Write the word (encoding)

  4. See the correct spelling/analysis/self-correct 

  5. Use the word in science based word work throughout the week 

We’re so glad you’re here to learn with us!

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