What are the best ways to help older students with unfinished literacy learning?

Jan 14, 2022 12:42:00 PM
What are the best ways to help older students with unfinished literacy learning?

Hi Literacy Lovers,

For good reason, we have received a lot of questions about older readers. Thankfully, our friend, David

David Liben

 Liben answers them in our most recent two-part-podcast, Ep. 90: Part 1 Improving Reading for Older Students with David Liben. Be on the lookout for Part 2 with David Liben this Friday. We’re so glad you’re here to learn with us. 

Read This

Know better, do better, teaching the foundations so every child can read written by David Liben & Meredith Liben.

If you’re a teacher or parent of an older struggling reader, we recommend reading Chapter 7 (along with the rest of the book!) of David and Meredith Liben’s fantastic book Know Better, Do Better. They share how to focus on fluency while addressing automaticity in decoding.   

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Graphic novel cover that reads "How we read, a graphic guide to literacy" and displays a girl laying in a meadow reading a book and with a cartoon spider smiling down at her.

Read this graphic novel with students titled How We Read: A Graphic Guide to Literacy, by David and Meredith Liben. Note: This is located behind a “pay what you prefer” paywall

Try This

Improving Reading for Older Students is a self-paced and wallet-friendly course designed by David and Meredith Liben to help educators improve literacy outcomes for older students (grade 4 through high school) reading below grade level. In the course, educators learn the research behind literacy accelerators that can propel reading progress and gain practical skills for how to implement these ideas to support students in the classroom.

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