What can school leaders do to ensure that EVERY child learns to read?

Dec 16, 2022 9:55:59 AM

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Question: How Do Parents Feel When Schools are Not Aligned to Reading Science?

Hi Literacy Lovers,

The Minneapolis Public School (MPS) district is similar to school districts...

What happens when we realize the way we have been teaching reading is wrong?

Hi Literacy Lovers,

What happens when we realize the way we’ve been teaching reading is wrong? What...

Question: What Does Equitable ELA Instruction Require?

Hi Literacy Lovers,

We’re so glad you’re here to learn with us. 

Using Complex Texts to Address Unfinished Learning

Hi Literacy Lovers,

Happy new year! We head into SY 2021-22 with lots of new buzzwords swarming...

Question: How Can We Engage Students by Helping Them See Themselves and the World Through Texts?

Hi Literacy Lovers,

Sheeba Jacob recently wrote a blog post that caught our attention! She wrote, “...

What About Spelling?

Hi Literacy Lovers,

In our recent podcast episode, we focus on spelling! Spelling guru J. Richard...

Question: What Does Evidence-Based Small Group Literacy Instruction Look Like?

Hi Literacy Lovers,

We recently podcasted with a second grade teacher who shares how she uses small...

What are the best ways to help older students with unfinished literacy learning?

Hi Literacy Lovers,

For good reason, we have received a lot of questions about older readers....

Where do secondary educators start to support struggling students?

Hi Literacy Lovers,

We’re always thinking of our secondary students who struggle and need our...

Why is building knowledge with HQIM important?

Hi Literacy Lovers,

We love scrolling through social media posts and seeing classrooms set for...

How can we advocate for better teacher prep programs?

Hi Literacy Lovers,

As 2021 comes to a close, we acknowledge the heroic efforts of all educators...

Question: How Can Tier 1 Early Literacy Instruction Reach the Majority of Students?

Hi Literacy Lovers!

As educators, parents often ask us, “How is my child doing?” It’s sometimes...

All About Assessment

Hi Literacy Lovers,

We have so many questions and thoughts about assessments… and we talk about...

How does chronic trauma wear down kids who can not read?

Hi Literacy Lovers,

In our 100th podcast episode, Trauma and Reading, Dr. Steven Dystra joins us...

Let's drop some knowledge with classroom teacher Heidi Jane!

Hi Literacy Lovers,

In our recent podcast episode, we talked about all things sight words, heart...

How Do You Help Students Read Difficult Texts?

Hi Literacy Lovers,

Happy Holidays! This week we bring you an answer to a listener’s question,...

How Does Knowledge Building Relate to Reading Science?

Hi Literacy Lovers,

You might be wondering… how does building knowledge relate to reading science?...

How can we keep a learner-mindset during a season of busyness?

Hi Literacy Lovers,

In this season of busyness, it seems we have little time to do more than the...

All About Melissa and Lori!

Hi Literacy Lovers,

We’re taking a full podcast to share more about US… sharing how our undergrad...

How can we all support our youngest learners on their learning to read journey?

Hi Literacy Lovers,

In last week’s podcast episode, we talked with Faith Borkowsky, author,...

How can educators help each other rethink reading instruction?

Hi Literacy Lovers,

James Dobson, an Australian primary teacher, shares challenges he encountered...

Question: How Can Teachers Help All Students Access Complex Texts and Tasks?

Hi Literacy Lovers,

When we first were introduced to Wit & Wisdom ELA, we had so many questions! We...

More on Decoding and Sound Walls with Dr. Julia Lindsey

Hi Literacy Lovers,

Dr. Julia Lindsey shared that decoding is the function of a kid… NOT a...

How can we lead from our seat?

Hi Literacy Lovers,

In our recent podcast episode, we chat with our friends at UnboundEd about...

How can we support educators to consider all aspects of the Reading Rope?

Hi Literacy Lovers,

We’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to spread the good word that...

How can we help older students with unfinished literacy learning?

Hi Literacy Lovers,

In part 2 of our conversation David Liben on our most recent podcast episode,...

Bring Back the Joy of Schooling - Start by Noticing!

Hi Literacy Lovers, 

In education, leadership is often a term reserved for those who hold big...

How do we select High Quality Instructional Materials?

Hi Literacy Lovers, 

We hear from educators everywhere who want to learn more about how to best...