How can educators help each other rethink reading instruction?

January 7, 2022
How can educators help each other rethink reading instruction?

Hi Literacy Lovers,

James Dobson, an Australian primary teacher, shares challenges he encountered when his literacy curriculum did not align with reading science. He also tells how his creative approach to shifting mindsets helped educators see the value in using evidence-based methods. We’re so glad you’re here to learn with us. 

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James Dobson

In this episode: Ep. 89: Australian Teacher Lays the Foundations with Reading Science, Melissa and Lori connect with James Dobson about his blog post that caught our attention. James is an educator who has been teaching for more than a decade in Australia. He has worked as a classroom teacher, lead teacher, literacy learning specialist, and principal. 

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James' blog post titled Laying the Foundations, One Teacher’s Journey illuminates his journey with the science of reading. Check out other posts as well on his blog, Laying the Foundations. 

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James shares one way he helped educators see the untruths behind some balanced literacy approaches by using this tricky game at a staff professional development. After listening to the podcast, give it a try and let us know how it goes!