Podcast playlists compile episodes in a playlist format so you can listen and learn deep dive style. Head to the classroom next door to chat with your best teacher friend after listening. Or take this to a Professional Learning Community to complement a book study. We’re so glad you’re here to learn with us. 

Melissa and Lori hold up Natalie Wexler's book,

Science of Reading 101

What does the science of reading mean? How are teachers implementing reading science in classrooms across the globe? How does the definition interpreted on social media differ from the actual meaning? What do experts have to say? The answers to these questions and more in this playlist.



From Balanced to Structured Literacy

What does instruction look like in a structured literacy classroom? Hear from teachers, coaches, and experts as they discuss how they use reading science research to inform practice. 


Reading Comprehension & Knowledge

What does knowledge have to do with reading comprehension? Everything! Knowledge is arguably one of the most important factors influencing a reader's ability to understand a text. And, knowledge helps readers to write better, too. 


Leadership Retreat

For leaders who think like teachers.


Authors as Experts

Authors are experts who help us build our knowledge of literacy! Their insights and explanations will help us, the readers (or should we say, listeners), more deeply understand the topics, concepts, and ideas. Let’s learn more about reading science, high quality materials, and the role of knowledge.


Understanding Dyslexia

Curious about dyslexia? Wanting to learn more? This playlist brings diversity in voices to the conversation... from experts and neuroscientists to speech language pathologists and parent advocates. Listen and learn as we discuss dyslexia.