Podcast playlists compile episodes in a playlist format so you can listen and learn deep dive style. Head to the classroom next door to chat with your best teacher friend after listening. Or take this to a Professional Learning Community to complement a book study. We’re so glad you’re here to learn with us. 

Melissa and Lori hold up Natalie Wexler's book,

Reading Comprehension & Knowledge

What does knowledge have to do with reading comprehension? Everything! Knowledge is arguably one of the most important factors influencing a reader's ability to understand a text. And, knowledge helps readers to write better, too. 

Improving Reading for Older Students

How can teachers help older students with unfinished literacy learning? How can teachers address foundational skills and fluency for older readers? Hear from experts, authors, literacy coaches, and teachers as they discuss this important topic!

Decodable Text Series

Welcome to our Decodable Text Series! In this series, we will consider what the research says about decodable texts and how educators can effectively use decodable texts in classroom instruction. We'll talk with educators and experts to learn more. 

For Primary Teachers (K-3)

Looking for engaging and educational podcast episodes about teaching reading to our youngest learners? Look no further! At Melissa and Lori Love Literacy on Spotify, we have curated an incredible collection of podcast episodes specifically designed to teach students to read in grades K through 3.