Literacy Foundations for English Learners

August 9, 2022
Literacy Foundations for English Learners

Hi Literacy Lovers,

In this week's episode, we talk with Dr. Elsa Cardenas-Hagan about how to use reading science to support English Learners. Her top tip? Use language for literacy and literacy for language.

We LOVE that Elsa talked about a BIG misconception about the science of reading: that we're only talking about phonemic awareness and phonics. She says that phonemic awareness and phonics should happen during small blocks of time during the literacy block. The reality is ... there's SO MUCH MORE to teaching reading! 

 We are so glad you are here to learn with us! 💙
Elsa Hagan Cardenas

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Have you listened to our BONUS BOOK TALK on Literacy Foundations for English Learners? It's a great primer for the episode with the book's author and editor, Elsa Cardenas-Hagan.

Literacy Foundations for English Learners

Curious about what we're reading right now? This reel says it all!. 

Looking to learn more about how to best serve our English Learners? Listen to episode 60 with the Executive Director of English Learner Success Forum

Watch the video below to meet Elsa! 


Mentioned on the Podcast

A list of all of the amazing resources mentioned in this week's episode! 

    • This languages learning site focuses on grammar and vocabulary. It includes free resources such as lessons, grammar tips, vocabulary, phrases, language tools, and audio files to download.

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Do Leveled Readers Hurt or Help My ELs?

I've been hearing so much buzz about the use of leveled readers for reading instruction. It is a controversial practice for all students, but is even more problematic for English Learners. The English Learner Success Forum developed a resource to help teachers answer this question: Do Leveled Readers Help or Hurt My ELs? I would argue it can actually apply to ALL students! Download it today if you are still considering leveled readers! 


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Academic Word Finder

I love the Academic Word Finder from Achieve the Core! It is a game-changer. It is designed to identify the high-value words from complex texts. It's super user friendly. Copy and paste the text and then select a grade level. Voila! Academic Words FOUND! I have it bookmarked and use it all of the time!


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