More on Decoding and Sound Walls with Dr. Julia Lindsey

Sep 10, 2021 2:54:00 PM
More on Decoding and Sound Walls with Dr. Julia Lindsey

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Dr. Julia Lindsey shared that decoding is the function of a kid… NOT a text on our latest podcast. Yes! The reader’s experience with text depends on the foundational skills they’ve learned and can use, as well as their background knowledge. We’ll say that again for the folks in the back: Background knowledge impacts decoding! Part 2 of our conversation with Dr. Lindsey is a must-listen for science of reading advocates

You might be wondering, “what can I do TODAY to prompt my students to use what they’ve learned to decode text?”

Try this

Use these prompts with your students as they practice decoding: 

  • “Look at the word again.” 

  • “Slide through all of those sounds.” 

How can teachers support students with decoding? Use these prompts: "Look at the word again. Slide through all of those sounds."

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