Question: What Does Equitable ELA Instruction Require?

Oct 29, 2021 11:54:00 AM
Question: What Does Equitable ELA Instruction Require?

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This week, we dig into a paper published by UnboundED: an organization dedicated to empowering teachers, instructional coaches, and leaders to meet the challenges set by higher standards, unfinished instruction, and institutional racism by providing resources and equity-based professional development grounded in instruction. In their paper, they outline the most efficient path to equitable ELA instruction, which requires three things: 

  1. Adopt an aligned curriculum. 

  2. Provide instructional support that fosters all students' persistence with grade-level reading and thinking. 

  3. Provide targeted intervention in addition to and in service of grade-level learning.

This paper and our podcast with the authors has give us A LOT to think about!  

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Our latest podcast episode is an impactful conversation that ELA teachers and school leaders won’t want to miss. Wondering about the differences in supports versus modifications? Looking for real-life examples of ELA “dos and don’ts” that align with high quality instruction? Our friends at UnboundED, Brandon White and Alice Wiggins, joined us for an essential conversation about equitable ELA instruction. 

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UnboundED’s paper outlines the most efficient path to equitable ELA instruction. Download it here: Equitable ELA Instruction: Immersing Students in Grade-Level Reading and Thinking

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One of the most common questions we get from listeners is how to help students access complex texts! This resource from UnboundED: Scaffolding Complex Text Handout gives tangible ideas for teachers to use in the classroom! 


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