The Painted Essay

September 6, 2022
The Painted Essay

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In this week's episode, we talk about The Painted Essay with The Vermont Writing Collaborative's Diana Leddy. 

The Painted Essay is an easy to use tool to support students with expository writing. We recommend using this tool with students in grade 2 and above. Listen to the podcast to learn all about it! 


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Episode 123 The Painted Essay

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The Painted Essay
Learn more about the Painted Essay on the Vermont Writing Collaborative's website!
Vermont Writing Collaborative
Have you listened to Episode 43: A Knowledge-Based Approach to Writing: The Vermont Writing Collaborative? Diana Leddy and Joey Hawkins tell us all about the role of knowledge in writing. We recommend listening to it along with our newest episode. 
The Painted Essay

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Listen to our Book Talk on The Writing Revolution. We also interview the authors, Judith Hochman and Natalie Wexler, in episode 117

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A list of all of the amazing resources mentioned in this week's episode! 

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What do educators say about The Painted Essay? 

We thought it might be fun to learn about what other educators have to say about The Painted Essay. Liv Perry, Librarian, shares her experience below. 

"The Painted Essay is the most effective way I have seen to teach children to write. As a school, I think we will see such an improvement in writing because we are all using the same techniques and language. Consistency is the key. Because the Painted Essay uses color to help children understand the organization of expository writing, it will guide them in any writing situation. The color cues help the student not only understand the organizational patterns, but also the “jobs” of each part. I truly think that once children learn the pained essay format, it will free them up to bring out their creative side!"

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Video of The Painted Essay

It was really hard to talk about the Painted Essay on the podcast because it's so visual! This video is really helpful to see the colors of the different parts of the Painted Essay with an example! Click below for the video! 





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