What are we aiming to accomplish in early literacy instruction?

Sep 3, 2021 12:37:00 PM
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I was listening to the incredible We are supported by… podcast with Abby Wambach over the weekend. Of course, I texted Melissa an epic quote from this episode when Abby shares her strategy as a soccer player and coach: “Find the strength in the people around you.”  As we walk into classrooms this fall, let’s commit to finding the strength in those around us, whether it be a student, colleague, or leader. Building on each others’ strengths means we don’t have to be good at everything! We can move forward with the knowledge that those around us will buoy our weaknesses with their strengths. The powerful resources we share today bring strength by bridging curiosity and research as we head back to school this fall. We’re so glad you’re here to learn with us. 

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Decodable text? Leveled text? What’s the difference? Where can we find quality decodable texts? Part 1 of this two-parter podcast episode with Dr. Julia Lindsey is impactful for primary and secondary teachers alike. You might be wondering, why is there so much discussion about the types of texts used for decoding practice right now? We are, too! We talked about this a lot with Dr. Lindsey. 

In this podcast, we also mention Geodes, readable texts that follow a foundational skills sequence in which specific decoding strategies are coupled with content and vocabulary. Geodes are rich with facts and ideas that spark curiosity for students! To learn more about Geodes, listen to our very popular Geodes podcast episode.  

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Print free decodable texts for your students (or your own kiddos!) authored by Dr. Julia Lindsey. These are research-based, teacher approved texts for supporting decoding and beyond. 

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Request a sample of Geodes readable books for your school! You can also preview Geodes here.   

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We’ve been hearing the phrase ‘sound wall’ a lot and seeing pictures of them as primary teachers head back to school! What are sound walls? Are these aligned with the science of reading research? Creativity to the Core shares examples of sound walls and provides reminders and tips for looking closely at your sound wall. Check out the research she shares as well to build your knowledge. 


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