What happens during a high quality primary literacy block?

January 28, 2022
What happens during a high quality primary literacy block?

Hi Literacy Lovers,

In our recent podcast episode, Talking About The Literacy Block with Two Elementary Teachers, we get into all the details about grade 1 and grade 3 literacy blocks. Two amazing teachers from Vista Peak Exploratory in Aurora, Colorado, April Evans and Danielle Hunter, share how they use Great Minds’ Wit & Wisdom ELA, Geodes, and Wilson Language Fundations… the high quality curriculum trifecta! What happens during the literacy block? How do these materials focus on building skills and knowledge? How do they foster engagement and create a community of learners? We’re so glad you’re here to learn with us. 

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We chat briefly about this Decodable Readers Protocol from Student Achievement Partners. This accessible resource (really, it’s less than 3 pages!) addresses multiple reads of text, shares ideas for ways to vary reading, and reinforces the instructional purpose. 

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Danielle and April recommend this book by Glenn Whitman & Ian Kelleher: Neuroteach: Brain Science and Future of Education. Add it to your summer reading list! 

Try This

Inspired by the vocabulary wall conversation on the podcast, we asked Danielle & April for visuals to give us a peek into their classrooms! Generously, they shared their vocabulary walls (and Wit & Wisdom ELA art walls, too!). Try the concept of a vocabulary or art wall in your classroom. Get students involved in creating this masterpiece! If you have additional questions for Danielle & April about the vocabulary or art walls, email us at MelissaandLori@literacypodcast.com

Cabinet with the following words written on it: telescope, instrument, revolved, inspired, tradition, pardoned, observations, condemned, discover, accomplished, and influence.
A classroom displaying a vocabulary wall with color-coding. Next to that are pictures of artwork from various artists and color-coded book shelves.
A classroom cabinet that reads the following words: knowledge, torture, explore, fiction, phosphorescent, immense, luminous, desperately, vast, colossal, loomed, overwhelmed, speck.

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