Why is building knowledge with HQIM important?

Aug 27, 2021 12:44:00 PM
Why is building knowledge with HQIM important?

Hi Literacy Lovers,

We love scrolling through social media posts and seeing classrooms set for learning, students’ first day of school pics, & teachers stopping for PSLs on the way to work. What a way to kick off this epic school year!

 As we spend a year of life with our students watching them learn & grow, we can’t help but consider our class a family. Engaging and Educating posted a pic wearing the sloganed shirt In this class, we are family. When we think about our students as family, we want to ensure they all get what they need to be readers now and in the future. Let’s start by using evidence-based practices to teach reading… building knowledge with high quality materials. We’re so glad you’re here to learn with us. 

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We recorded a podcast that outlines our favorite HQIM choice: Wit & Wisdom ELA.  We share an overview of Wit & Wisdom, and walk through the different components of the curricula. With strong instructional materials already in place, leaders can focus on teachers’ professional learning and teachers can focus on students’ needs. THAT’S where the magic happens! 

If you’d like to read more about Wit & Wisdom’s design, read this blog. And, we recommend joining a grade-band specific Wit & Wisdom Facebook group. Post questions and ideas to thought-partner with other HQIM educators, inquiring What’s the best way to organize student notebooks? or What do others’ focus walls look like?   

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If you’re yearning to learn more about building knowledge, and would like a brief overview (or maybe you’d like to share this with other teachers or leaders to help them learn about what knowledge-building means), watch this video. In less than four minutes, this video shares a basic understanding of the power of knowledge-building using a pivotal research study, The Baseball Study by Recht & Leslie. Bonus: In our podcast with Natalie Wexler, she talks about The Baseball Study too, and gives an overview of the importance of knowledge-building

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“Prior knowledge creates a scaffolding for information in memory.” – Donna Recht

This primer by Amplify also shares the research from The Baseball Study, and more. It’s a resource worth saving for reference. 


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If you’re still lusting after the tee from the link above (In this class, we are family), check out the The Cutesy Class. Spoiler alert… There’s even a fall line with gorgeous autumnal colors

Learn this

We are big fans of Dr. Becky at Good Inside! She has an insightful Back to School self-guided video course that supports setting you and your child/ren up for a successful transition back to school. We took her course over the weekend and appreciate this information as moms and former teachers! Lori has already visited Presley’s new elementary school and snapped pictures to view again and again in the coming weeks leading up to her first day of school. Note from M&L: The learning in this course could be implemented with transitions, generally speaking, such as a new job, new home, and more. 

Thanks for reading, Literacy Lovers! 


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