Question: How Can Tier 1 Early Literacy Instruction Reach the Majority of Students?

Sep 24, 2021 12:46:00 PM
Question: How Can Tier 1 Early Literacy Instruction Reach the Majority of Students?

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As educators, parents often ask us, “How is my child doing?” It’s sometimes challenging to answer that question. 

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Parents often have preconceived notions about school and what children learn. Our most recent podcast guest, Katie Hickerson, shared, “I just thought kids learned how to read… and my daughter didn’t. She could identify 4 letters by the end of kindergarten.” 

Katie pulled Cora out of school to be homeschooled - providing structured literacy instruction alongside rigorous tutoring through the International Dyslexia Association. In less than two years, Cora went from meeting a 1% reading benchmark to 92%. How can this become the ‘new normal’ for all kiddos? 

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The International Dyslexia Association posts printable infographics that breakdown complex topics for better understanding, such as What is Structured Literacy? and Is Dyslexia a Gift?

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Tim Shanahan’s blog caught our eye with the title: Which is best? Analytic or synthetic phonics? Read his post to learn more about why SYSTEMATIC PHONICS is best.  

We found that systematic phonics instruction was best. Please note the highlighted word. It is amazing how many phonics proponents mistakenly read that word as "synthetic." 

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