Lori and Melissa in studio, wearing headphones.
Lori and Melissa

Our Story

When Lori approached Melissa with the idea for this podcast, she knew she would be the perfect yin to her yang. Melissa has a calming, positive presence and energy, but more importantly, she is an incredible thought partner. Lori is full of energy and creative ideas. We instantly connected as friends and colleagues!

In our first year of implementation of Wit & Wisdom ELA, we were tagged with becoming experts on the grade 8 modules and recording videos to model preparing to teach the curriculum. While our first videos left much to be desired (lots of stumbling over our words!), after lots of practice and perseverance, we found that we loved supporting teachers, coaches, and leaders virtually... and thus, the idea for the Melissa and Lori Love Literacy podcast was born. 

We are beyond grateful to each other for jumping into this endeavor, and for all of our incredible guests who drop serious knowledge on our podcast audience! There are so many #micdrop moments where we learn and grow as educators together. But, none of this would be possible if it weren't for you, our listeners (our Literacy Lovers!). Thank you teachers, coaches, leaders, experts, researchers, journalists, and parents! You truly are the very best. 

We can't wait to keep learning together!

Melissa and Lori